Residential Support

In today’s world, it is progressively harder to get by without a computer. We use our computers to do online banking, pay bills, keep in contact with family members and so much more. When your computers are not running you may feel cut off from the world.

Maybe you just got a brand new computer and can’t figure out how to hook it up? Maybe you just got Internet service and want a wireless network? Perhaps you have young children and want to make sure they are safe or are not accidentally viewing adult related material while on line. What about protecting those family memories for trips down memory lane for many years to come?

How can Computers Unlimited LLC help you?

The biggest way we feel we can help you is we come to you on your schedule. This means you will not have to unplug your desktop (if it is a desktop) and lug it to your car to get it to us then lug it back home and try to get it hooked up again. If we are not able to resolve your computer issues in your home, we disconnect it and take it to our shop and when we get your computer running again we bring it back, hook it back up and make sure everything works to your liking.

Malware Removal

Just like people, computers can get “sick” too. There are various threats on the internet just waiting to infect your computer and make your life miserable. When this happens to you, we have the medicine to make your computer well again and the inoculation to help prevent it in the future.

Wired and Wireless network setup

Networks are not just for businesses any more. In fact, with high speed Internet services such as DSL, Cable, FIOS and satellite they are a necessity. We can set up and configure either a wired, wireless or a combination of both for you. Are you knocked off line when your cordless land line rings? Are your neighbors stealing your Internet? Is your current network just too slow or just too small? We can solve all these issues and more.

Data backup and recovery

You accidentally deleted a family member’s graduation or wedding photos, your computer will not boot, your hard drive crashed. Can your data be recovered? The best answer we can give you is maybe. Shutting down the computer and not using it until an attempt to recover the lost data is made will increase the changes of successful recovery.

Data recovery cannot be guaranteed, several factors affect recovery. The best way to protect your data is to not only back it up, but to store it in a different location than the original, if the original is stored in your home then the backup should not be. This is not always easy, our data backup service makes it easy.

Computer Upgrades or Repair

Desktop or Notebook. Are you getting strange errors or behavior from your computer? Is your notebook screen cracked? Does your keyboard have missing or sticking keys? Not enough storage space?

Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to solve any computer problem.

New Computer and Peripheral Set-up

You just got yourself a new computer or printer but do not know how to set it up?

Maybe you need a new computer or you want to upgrade to the latest version of Windows. Our experienced technicians can get you up and running quickly and hassle free.

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